Study Away

Why Study abroad?

At The College of Idaho we believe all our students should have access to global education. To study abroad is to invest in yourself and the world. We encourage students to go out of their comfort zone and engage in cultural immersion, global conversations, and in some cases, different languages. Whether you go for a month, a semester, or a whole year, your perspective will be challenged and quite possibly changed. Studying abroad enriches each individual student as well as the college, as students come back to campus and share their learning and experiences in the classroom. Please continue reading about the different opportunities available.

WHere Will you go?

Did you know there are four ways to study abroad/off-campus at The College of Idaho? Here is a brief breakdown of each of your options.

1) Faculty Led Programs: These programs are developed and led by C of I faculty during the month long winter and summer terms. These are opportunities to travel with fellow C of I students on off-campus excursions. Check out the past and upcoming program opportunities!

2) Third-Party Providers: There are four third-party program hosts that the college works with primarily: ISA, USAC, ACM, and Arcadia. These are independent student opportunities, but offer a variety of locations and studies to choose from. Between these four providers, you can practically study anywhere and anything in the world. We also have a partnership with China's Ocean University if you are looking to study in China. 

3) Exchange Programs with Partner Institutions: We have specific exchange program connections with Morocco, Sweden, and China (, These programs will require additional government documentation to obtain visas or permits. The exchange program is unique because we “exchange” students to and from these locations each year. 

There is also an opportunity to travel to Ireland for a semester/year through the Irish American Scholars program. Please be aware that this travel option will require a faculty nomination in addition to an application. 

4) LOA Experiences (Leave of Absence): There are opportunities such as the Disney Program or Semester at Sea that you can apply for, however these will require a LOA from the college. You can gain class credits at these programs, but they will be considered transfer credits.

How to Finance your Experience: 

For much more detailed information about how to finance your study abroad experience, please make an appointment with Financial Aid. Most students are surprised to learn that studying abroad is completely within their financial ability while at The College of Idaho. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Faculty led tuition fees are allocated either in your fall or spring semester tuition fees (depending if you go in winter or summer term). Most programs include additional program fee's that will be the students out-of-pocket responsibility. There is also a modest stipend fund for students who can express financial need. 
  • Exchanges and most third-party program fees are charged as C of I tuition, rather than the specific program fees (some programs differ). NOTE: when accepted to programs that are not faculty led, you will pay deposits or holding fees directly to the off-campus program. Prepare for that cost to be paid the semester you are applying for the program. These costs will vary ($200-$1500.00).           
  • LOA experiences mean that the student leaves C of I to participate elsewhere and funding depends on the location and program. C of I funds can not be applied to these experiences. 

How to apply? 

Need assistance with searching for and/or choosing a program? Come by the Center for Experiential Learning (back of Hendren Hall) and talk with Jennifer Riddle to start your search and application process. Make sure you refer to the following deadlines to have enough time to prepare your materials! NOTE: Applications are only available to students who talk to Jennifer in person (applications cannot be found online). 


SPRING & SUMMER 2017: Applications due by October 14th, 2016

FALL 2017: Applications due by April 1st, 2017

NOTE: For all study away opportunities that are not led by C of I faculty, you must refer to the individual program/provider deadlines (as they vary per location).