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Recent C of I grad shares travel tales from Indonesia

Former Student Experience Blogger and recent political science graduate David Losinski '17 decided to embark on a new adventure following Commencement, flying across the world to spend the summer learning a foreign language in Indonesia! Read below to hear what David has to say about his experiences so far! 

C of I students create VR tour of Chinese monastery

Five kilometers northeast of the city center of Chengdu in the heart of China’s Sichuan province lies the Zhaojue Monastery, a temple dating back to the days of the early Tang Dynasty. This remote temple, home to about 200 Buddhist monks, became the project focus for seven students from The College of Idaho, who set out to China to document the temple grounds for the whole world to see.

C of I goes to Europe: A Student’s Perspective

Emily Jane Traub, a sophomore religious studies/creative writing major, gives a firsthand account of her recent trip to Europe over the January Term. Professors Federica Francesconi and Steve Maughan led Traub and her fellow students on a journey to learn about “Early Modern Identities in Paris and Venice.”

Click here to check out photos from Paris and Venice on the C of I Flickr page!


C of I group studies culture, healthcare in Ecuador

The students walked in one by one until all 12 occupied a chair. Chatter filled the classroom air, embodying their anticipation. The following day, at 6 a.m., they would arrive at the Boise Airport—the first stop on an eye-opening, three-week journey to South America.

For the first time, College of Idaho biology and Spanish professors Dr. Luke Daniels and Dr. Jennie Daniels will lead a Spanish for Healthcare Practitioners study tour in Ecuador. The goal of the trip is to provide students with a “cultural perspective on wellness and health.”