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I Love Winter Term

I’m not sure if it’s because of the desserts in the Caf or the working heater in my dorm room, but I am stoked to be back at school for Winter Term.  I feel like I’m not the only one – the mood around campus seems cheerful and optimistic as students walk to class with new school supplies in tow and hug it out after being away from each other for three weeks. The holiday season was just what we needed to feel rejuvenated after a long fall term.

Winter term rocks. With most students taking less than 5 credits in 4 weeks, we have plenty of time to focus on our studies … and have a lot of fun. I love this term because of the routine quality it has. (If you remember my fall schedule, you’ll understand why. Goodbye Tues-Wed night classes!) I have the same class everyday, an appropriate homework load, and enough time leftover to spend time with friends and enjoy campus activities.

I think Winter Term relaxes people. In the dorm community, this is the time of the year when students accept that they are comfortable in their living environment, open their doors more, participate in events, and are willing to lounge around, drink tea, and prank call the RAs (maybe that’s just an Anderson thing?).

So here’s to the New Year, and to the next four weeks being the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

PHOTO: My friend Hillary and I last Winter Term - when our days were spent studying The Universe and every night was spent with a group of friends hanging out in her room. It was the best.

-Melanie Palmer