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Goodbyes, Rat Testicles, and the Quad Swamp

I like snow. I don’t like the after-product, which more often than not translates into monster puddles. We had our first real day of snow at The College last week, and to the amusement of the students, the Finney Fun Run occurred as usual. Although I had planned on staying on the sidelines this year, I ended up running for the second time, braving the winter cold in little more than a pirate hat.

Unfortunately the weather is still too warm to sustain a winter wonderland. And thus a conglomeration of slush forms the wonderful geographic novelty of the winter Quad Swamp.  I love our campus, and it truly is a beautiful place during every season, but it really is a funny thing to see a majority of the quadrangle underwater.

Winter term is already coming to a close. We’re entering week 4 and our exams and final projects are starting to be something we actually have to think about on the daily.

I’ve been taking a Biology class this term. It’s not needed towards my major, but as Liberal Arts students we are asked to diversify our education and complete courses in disciplines outside our field of study. I’m taking BIO-109, the Biology of Reproduction. It’s the first time since High School that I’ve taken a Biology class. It’s been incredibly refreshing. I’m glad to find out that most of the knowledge from High School has come back easily, and this departure from my normal pastures has been enjoyable and stimulating. This includes the lab component as well, in which we had to dissect rats.


This last week also held a bittersweet component. This year, one of The College’s professors and our Chapter Adviser, Professor Michael Erickson passed away earlier this year after developing cancer over the summer. Erickson was one of the Business department’s teachers and was a published author dealing with Macro and Microeconomics. A ceremony celebrating his life in the KAIC building was held this last Friday.

Erickson, or “Big E”, as he was called by the chapter, has always been a pillar of Theta Psi. He served as the Faculty adviser for Delta Tau Delta on this campus since its founding in 1999. I saw many of the Delt Alumni who I’ve met over my years speak on their experiences and stories with Big E. It’s been hard losing a person who has given so much to the chapter he adopted, but there are few men in this world who have lived such humble and decent lives as he did. This gentle giant is nigh impossible to replace, and will be missed.


PHOTOS: Top: Le Quad Swamp; Middle: One of my classmates Nick Stout, with our Professor, Mark Gunderson working on our rat specimen; Bottom: Michael Erickson 1955 - 2011.

-Andrew Moore