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Team Senior

Last Friday night, a group of about 25 seniors rallied together to cheer on the Idaho Steelheads hockey team.  The event served as an incentive for seniors to donate to the Boone Fund, as it was required to donate before attending.  It was a great way for members of our class to spend time together before we graduate in less than two months.  (Eek!)  I personally had never been to a Steelheads game, and had such a fun time!  First, we got a free hot dog, soda, and bag of chips...score!  Then, the game was equally exciting.  it went into overtime, then ended with a shoot out - resulting in a sweet, sweet victory for the Steelheads!

What's even more intense than the outcome of that game is that I'm a senior ... and about to graduate.  That is crazy talk!  I feel like I just moved up to Idaho, unaware of what the next three years would bring.  And now, here I am, with two months left, about to experience too many "lasts."  I'm ready to make the next six weeks of being a Yote the absolute best that it can be!  :)    

-Melanie Palmer