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Dinnertime Poetry

Something wonderful happened on Wednesday this week. I walked into the caf for lunch, and noticed that most of the desserts had been relocated. I immediately took a picture and sent it to my friend Kristin. This was a personal victory for us: we’ve been writing poems to the caf on a nearly nightly basis, asking them to hide the desserts from us. It has been a very lighthearted project, but we are at least a little bit serious about it. The problem is that the caf makes really, really good food, particularly dessert. Because of the strategic layout of Simplot, you have to walk past the desserts in order to sit down. Since I’ve already paid to get into the caf, nobody is really gaining anything by me eating excessive amounts of cookies, brownies, pumpkin cheesecake, etc. Whenever Kristin and I explain this to anyone who asks why we are writing poems at dinner, they usually tell us to just have better self control. Granted, a little extra self-control would certainly help the situation, but if I walk past six delicious things, it’s pretty likely that I’m going to want to eat them. This means that I eat dessert at least once, if not twice a day. I would never eat that much dessert at home, and while it tastes fantastic, nobody needs to eat that much dessert. NOBODY.

I'm certainly not saying that it is anyone else's fault that I choose to eat dessert, I am simply voicing a possible avenue of improvement for my own personal experience. I just want to get on the same team here. If people have to seek out the dessert if they want to eat it rather than just giving in when they walk by, they will be healthier in the long run.

Most of this is beside the point. The point is that after many poems, the desserts were moved for one day at lunch, and it totally made my day. It was the best lunch I've ever had. Whether or not the desserts were moved because of our poetry remains unclear. However, they have been restored to their previous location. If any victory was ours, it was short-lived, but glorious nonetheless. Here are some of the poems that we wrote:

    Every day, my heart hurts
    When I have to walk by desserts
    I can barely fit in my shirt
    I can't resist when the sugar cookies flirt
    ...with me.
  • All your desserts are delicious
    My craving for them is vicious
    I love all your cookies, your tasty ice cream
    If you don't hide them, I'm going to scream!
    They're so beautiful and tempting
    It makes me want to put a ring
    ...on it. 
  • Dessert Haiku
    Desserts make me fat
    Like Godzilla, or my cat
    Please hide the desserts

    Caramel apple crisp
    You'll give me diabetes
    This cannot go on
    ...stop it. 

--Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.