Student Experience Blog: June 2014

Unlocking The Unknown

Each and every day I learn that things fall into place. After a few setbacks with implementing my project in Rwanda, I spent each and every day looking to see who I could contact for help. Some days are better than others but for the first time, I understood what it meant not to quit. I certainly wish things were easier; I wish we could all have a dream and live it the next day exactly how we want it to play out. Often times, this is not the case but it is not a reason to give up on what we believe in and what we wish to achieve.

Figuring out the hows

It is a strange feeling writing something to sum up my college experience. A part of it, most likely, is because I am now in India, rather then Idaho. A lot of people here ask me the expected "Why would I leave America?" A lot of friends in Idaho asked me the same.