Student Experience Blog: July 2014

That Freshmen Feeling

This summer my little sister graduated from high school. Like most seniors, she was ready to get out of there, practically skipped across the stage to receive her diploma, and then spent the next two weeks celebrating her newfound freedom with the rest of her friends. It was exciting to watch, and it brought back all the same feelings I had had three years ago when I graduated. I was reminded of how exhilarating it had been, knowing that the high school part of my life was over, and that college, a goal I had been working towards my whole life, was on the horizon.

Meeting Maggie

This summer has already gone by so quickly! I can’t believe that it’s almost August, which means school starts again in about a month. It’s crazy!

I’ve mostly been working, which is taking up much of my time. I work at a ski resort in Park City, and it’s awesome. And yes, I know there is no snow in the summer, but they have cool summer activities like an alpine slide and a zip line. It’s a great summer job because I get to be outside all day in the mountains I love and miss while in Caldwell.