Student Experience Blog: August 2014

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From One Nest to Another

Here we are again: next verse, same as the first, except that this verse feels more like a bridge leading to an epic guitar solo that dives into the chorus that everyone sings along with even if they can't decide on the right key. Tomorrow is move-in day for my final year at the College of Idaho, and it's finally time for this Retail Robin to pick up all his twigs and leaves and fly them over to Caldwell for one extremely final time.

Hello From the Far Side of August

Greetings, and welcome to my third and final year of blogging. This is normally the time I’d re-introduce myself and give you a rundown of my involvement with the College, but this year will be a little different. Namely because I won’t be going back to College of Idaho. 

For a semester, that is. 

Fix, Nein, Stay.

My summer was so inanely boring that I will refrain from boring you with the details of the last three months. Long story short: it was hot, I cried over TV shows a lot, and my mom still expects me to make my bed. That’s it. That’s all that happened. But, with school T-Minus two weeks from starting, I decided to make my prodigal return. Like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Twinkies, it was time for my comeback tour.