Student Experience Blog: November 2014

Just Another Few Weeks in the Life of a Busy College Student

Well, it’s been a while since I updated ye olde blog! (You can blame my stubbornness in waiting for the best picture to be posted on the P: drive from fall break, as well as my professors for giving me lots of homework). Many exciting things have been happening here at C of I.

The Two-Month Mark

Long time, no blog. While last time I was just back from an apple festival and NI mountains, this time I’m just back from Amsterdam and Rome. I did Rome solo, and it was one of the best things I’ve done. I’ve never traveled by myself like that, and it was the ultimate in self-indulgence. All I did was eat gelato, look at art, and walk around. I was worried about losing my passport and being stranded in Italy, but I’m back unscathed.

Cool (and not so cool) Runnings

As (a frankly ridiculous amount of) snow made itself home on campus this last week, havoc was wreaked; havoc on the roadways, havoc on exposed skin, and havoc on my patience as the number of Frozen references I heard per hour skyrocketed to nightmare-levels. The snow refused to stop, chaos marred everything we did and the campus feared this forever winter would be are new home. The women wept, the men wept harder and with more desperate gusto, and the children remained stoic, oddly enough.

To Live and Die in Lab

The thing of it is, readers, is that I am a writer.

Five Women and the Fall Play

Everyone come to the play.


For all you college kids reading, there’s sex and drugs and rock and roll, partial nudity of a very scandalous sort, and women behaving badly.

For all you grown ups out there, the show is a provocative think piece on the duality of female relationships and the connection we have with our former selves after the duration of our formative years.

And also sex and drugs and rock and roll.

I am so serious right now.

Come. To. The. Play.