Student Experience Blog: March 2015

Stretching Spring Break From Marsing to Michigan

Spring Break is winding down, and I’m about to head out to Michigan. In theory I should have done my to-a-different-time-zone-traveling at the start of break, but it just worked backwards this time. Instead, I kicked off break in Marsing with my SLC based boyfriend, house-sitting and cat babysitting for my favorite archivist. Essentially, Stephen and I spent the first half of break in a beautiful, art-filled house with gorgeous views, and with wild bunnies and quail running around outside.

Some Like It Temperate

In case you somehow missed it, spring just kicked open the ol’ saloon doors and dragged winter out by its thieving, crooked coattails.  

And the town rejoices.

Now that the temperature has finally stabilized warmly (and truly, it is only in Idaho that you fully understand how much temperature stabilization is key to your immediate happiness) and everyone is enjoying the sunshine, it’s time for another installment of “What My Facebook Friends Are Doing Without Me.”

Hot Off the Presses

So let’s recap:

By some feat of pizza-fueled existential repression, I made it through midterm week. Which is just aces, because it left me plenty of time to pursue my true passion: peddling newspapers on street corners by shouting wildly inaccurate headlines from it (Hot off the presses! Joe Biden actually just several turkeys in a trench coat!  Get the scoop here!).

Media these days, amiright?

International Ladies Day

So last week was International Women’s Day and it has got me feeling some sort of way about all of the ridiculously incredible ladies in my life. I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to send all the gals I know bouquets of fresh cut lilies and lavender, and hand made cards with glittery hearts on them. Unfortunately I’m poor and not that gifted with modge-podge so instead I’ll just stick to this, a lady-loving manifesto for all those females in my life who continue to inspire me.

The Miocene and the Metaphor

The thing about PEAK is that you are kind of expected to hate it. Just a little bit. It makes sense for you to dislike it, really.

On principle, it’s the academic version of having to choose which questionable bar patrons you want to sit next to for an evening. The exception being that it’s not just for one night, it’s for four years. And the people you decide on are going to give you a grade at the end of every  topic you guys awkwardly small-talk through.

Fox in Socks

I do a lot of reading in college. This week’s reading has included Palestine Speaks, Palestinian Walks, Jane Eyre, The Real Charlotte, and Fox in Socks. The first two are for my World Lit course, the second two are for my senior thesis, and the last one was for Dr. Seuss Night, which I’ve just gotten back from.

Twenty-One Questions

It’s March 4th and you know what that means.

Well, actually, you probably don’t. Let me refresh your memory.

Not only is March 4th the only day of the year that can be read as a full sentence, it is also this blogger’s birthday. Last year, I celebrated the day with a post answering 20 questions related to life, love, and the pursuit of a college education. So I thought I’d do it again in honor of turning 21. For the sake of the sake, these questions are brought to you by a sketchy random question generator I found online.