Student Experience Blog: November 2015

The Final(s) Destination (Dun Dun Dun)

If there weren’t a Thanksgiving Break shoved in there between Undead Weak and Dead Week I would have lost my ever-loving mind.


There is no part of the obscene amount of homework assignments, busy work, and essays piled on us by our feudal lord professors that I am thankful for. How dare they? HOW DARE THEY?

I’m kidding (kind of), those sweet people are just doing their jobs. I’m just very bitter because I spent this whole break working on homework instead of gorging myself and watching terrible Christmas movies.

Kitchen Hero Ep. 1: N.Ireland, Italy, and Spain

As it turns out, I like cooking. I’m also a native English speaker in a house full of people who, well, aren’t. Thus, I’ve established a system: I proofread their papers and help them with homework, they teach me tasty recipes. It’s the holiday season and you’re going to be eating anyway. Why not impress your friends and family with something new? Here are 3 dishes to get started with, 1 desert, 1 light meal, and 1 behemoth heavy meal that will keep you full for days. Just two things to note: 1) Vegetables in the UK are really small when compared to what we have in the States.

Curtains Closed






This show has consumed my life for the last month, and as sad as I am to see it go, it feels so good to watch it walk away.

Dead Batteries Breed Peace

Shards of ceramic are not fun to step on. I have been meaning to clean them away for some time, but my schedule has not permitted for a moment of such cognizance. Furthermore, I enjoy the poetic element of having to avoid walking on my own eggshells. These little slivers came from a teacup and its abrupt dispersion after a rough meeting with the door to my single. The reason behind this otherworldly outburst is a simple one that I think everyone has faced, or should face. My dear friend and glorious patriot, the grand companion through academia, has passed on.

Breaking Free

Everyone always tells you senior year is rough. But I stopped trusting people after the presidential election of 1800, so I never believed them. The joke is on me, because I’m essentially busy every minute of every day. Even now I am multitasking—see, I am writing this blog but I am also crying on the inside. My suffering is nothing if not efficient.

The Happiest Man

I’ve come to realize that I’ve always lived a high strung life, one full of self-induced stress and procrastination, masquerading as motivation and drive. And for a long time, it’s worked. I’ve always convinced myself that I can’t do work unless I’m staring the clock down, seconds from midnight, with my mouse cursor hovering over the “Submit” button. Dangerous, I know.

Scarier than Halloween: Tech Week

The play is about to start and we are all going to die.

Not really, I’m being a tad overdramatic…but only a tad.

Thoughts on the Nature of Education

Learning is a process that I visualize not unlike what the creation of stars and galaxies may have been like; with analysis and creation, perhaps through the scope of research or composition, as something of an astronomy art form in the coalescing of constellations. It is this idea that there are multiple instances of existent thought pervading in an endless manner, lost to infinity. Therein lies the practice of appraisal and cartography of matters seen through a number of pupils past counting.

Not Your Father's Hallowe'en

It’s not called Halloween here, it’s Hallowe’en. The apostrophe makes it that much spookier.

It makes sense that with all of the clubs and bars near the University, Hallowe’en would be a pretty big deal. College students, the weekend, and a holiday: the perfect storm. It’s not just us crazy kids though. The entire city was decked out in cobwebs, zombies, sugar, and streamers, all compensating for the fact that it’s been pretty quiet here recently.

So, what did I do this Hallowe’en?

Yotes in Yellowstone!

I woke bright and early one Saturday morning, happy to have my last paper out of the way and to be headed into Fall Break. Dragging a bag of warm clothes, I met my fellow OP Explorers to pack the vans. Some strategic organizing was involved, but eventually we shoved everything in, and we were off to Yellowstone for the week!