Student Experience Blog: February 2016

Rothko, Me, and the Literature Degree

I have been very fortunate as a student here at The College of Idaho to have two majors that I’ve loved in such a way as to make my probable future as a waitress somewhat worth it (I’m kidding Professor Schaper, I know how much you hate the waitress jokes). When I made the choice to major in Literature in English and Theatre, I knew it would likely be challenging, as both degrees rested within the same PEAK category.

Birds and Stuff

The thing about being a senior is that your so busy doing stuff for class, for clubs, for real life, that you don’t really have time to cry as much as you’d like. I mean, that’s a problem I hear people have. Not me, though. I never cry, especially not right now as I write this.

Senior Thesis (What!?) and Opera Singing

Well, this semester certainly threw me back into the swing of things quickly. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since it is the spring semester of my senior year, but still. The first week of class, my professors kept saying, “Since you’re not that busy yet…” and I would internally hyperventilate because I was just as busy as I had been in the middle of last semester.

Cheers to the Kindlers!

Interviews scare the hell out of me.

So I decided to get scared.