Student Experience Blog: April 2016

Tangible History

I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t think I have sat down in 3 months. Emotionally sat down, I mean. And I haven’t seen the sun in 5. I am so tired. Imagine running a marathon the last four years and then right as you get to the home stretch someone lights you on fire. Welcome to the last month of senior year.

A Time to Remember

Tranquility can be hard to find right now.

The end has come and with it busy days. Despite that, we press on as students. Certain of ourselves, we smile anyway. Trees are scenting and bushes are wriggling, signals of change.

We are nearly at the end.

For me, I am at a closer end than most.

Red, Red Rocks

Note: Click here to check out photos from the C of I Outdoor Program trip to Zion's National Park.