Student Experience Blog: May 2016

I'm Terrified of Graduating: Advice from Professors

I have taken my last final. I have turned in my last paper. Aside from actually walking across the stage at graduation, I am officially done at the College of Idaho. It still doesn’t feel real. And I am completely terrified. I have a (very) rough plan of what I'm doing after college, but mostly I'm just wandering aimlessly trying to figure out something to do with my life. 

A Last Letter on Location

To Anybody,


Location. It’s a word that Adrienne Rich planted in the middle of my mind.

The spaces we occupy are special in that we shape them by being there and they shape us in a complimentary manner. The Voorhees Bench shapes my flabby buttocks as I roost, then my mind as I talk to the community centered by this place, this location. I shape it with cigarette butts in the garbage can, by removing refuse here then there. We change each other. This is what location is.

Stay: A Swan Song

Well, here we go.

It is finally time for to say goodbye not only to this blog, but to CofI and the family I’ve made here the last four years. That being said, sit your ass down and get ready for some imparted wisdom.