Student Experience Blog: September 2016

Advice You Never Asked For

The first and only feeling I had when I stepped onto campus my freshmen year was fear.

Not only was the college a completely new place, but I also was moving into a stranger-filled dorm from another state. Every situation was unfamiliar, from sharing a room with somebody to sleeping on a twin sized bed (I’m a privileged white girl, I sleep on a queen).

An Idealist Abroad

It wasn’t until I landed in the DMK Bangkok airport for a layover that I began to grasp the implications of traveling alone to foreign country, where I am unfamiliar with the language and culture. Sure, maybe I would be able to survive for the next two weeks, but was I about to waste most of my year’s savings on some bizarre, uncomfortable cultural pilgrimage?

Hello, it's me.

Three thousand years from now, archeologists will dig up my tattered bones from the rubble of what is now The College of Idaho. I imagine they would assess the scene and debate my cause of death in the following manner:

Scientist #1 “There appears to be blunt force trauma. Perhaps she was hit by a bus?”

Scientist #2 “No, due to the deep lacerations, it’s possible it was due to something internal.” 

After a few minutes of controversy there would be a unanimous diagnosis; I died of embarrassment.