Student Experience Blog: November 2016

My Idaho Family

I was coloring a cartoon turkey in a color book app on my phone when I told my mom I couldn’t come home for Thanksgiving. This was the fourth year in a row, and the brightly colored feathers on my little gobble friend were the only thing distracting me from breaking down and crying.

I miss my family. I miss the house I grew up in and the sun-filled California sky. I miss my mom’s cooking and my dad’s jokes. I miss talking with my sister and hanging out with my brother. I miss my four dogs--even when every piece of clothing I owned had hair on it.

Obligatory Senior Reflection Article

Halfway through the fall semester of my senior year, I realize that I have spent an entire three years in college already. I appreciate that I am now interning in Washington D.C.; that I have traveled to New Orleans, Portland, California, and Indonesia for school or extracurricular student activities in that time; and that I've had the opportunity to DJ and chair committees for school. When touring The College of Idaho during the spring semester of my last year of high school, I asked professor Jasper LiCalzi what was the most challenging aspect of attending of the C of I.

I am Grateful for...

One afternoon last week, I decided to tackle some homework. I made my way to the upstairs of KAIC and bunkered down for a few hours or so. In midst of balancing chemical equations I was suddenly hit in the face with a flying object. The pain inflicted on my forehead was by...a Reese's peanut butter cup? I was irritated. I was confused. I was…hungry? I glanced around and my eyes fell on a woman who I had never seen before.

Let's Taco Bout It

I’ve never reached enlightenment. At least, I’m not sure I have. One time, I realized the machine that returns bowling balls blows air so you can dry the sweat off your hands, giving you a better grip when you roll that gutter ball. But, when I went to share this finding, everyone seemed to already know.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t even close to being an enlightened moment. Like I said, I’ve never reached it.

That is, until I ate an Imelda’s taco.