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Best Day Ever

I have not posted for a while, so I decided today would be the day to change that. If you have read any of my other posts, I normally divulge some sort of embarrassing anecdote. I promise you I still have a plethora of those, but I thought I would try sharing some advice instead. Don’t feel obligated to follow it or even read it for that matter, but I will simply leave this text here and what you decide to do with your eyes is up to you.

At the beginning of every winter, The College of Idaho ski team sits down and brainstorms a list of our top goals for the season. A giant whiteboard is filled with ideas represented by an array of washable marker squiggles. If you look close enough, you can make out a few notable contenders for our list such as “Qualify for Nationals” or “kick Rocky Mountain’s butt”. But there is always one expression that trumps the others. It is the piece of advice our coach gives us each morning we boot up and head out on the ski hill, “Make it the best day ever." Due to the nature of the commitment, the ski team has been a large part of my experience here at the C of I. And after a while, the perspectives and attitudes we adopt as a team begin to rub off on each individual.

Last weekend, the Yotes ski team raced our last conference race for the season at Bogus Basin. There were blue skies, the snow was perfect, and a handful of students and professors made the commute to support us (to those of you who came, thank you!!). While our women’s team took the overall title for the weekend, the true winner on the mountain was Yotie the coyote mascot, who was spotted shredding some serious turns between races! To be blunt, it was an incredible weekend. But just like anything in one’s life, it’s not always going to be as smooth sailing as last weekend’s race. As the ski season is beginning to wrap up, I have started trying to incorporate this team motto into my everyday life, including the bad days.

Best Day Ever. It’s only three words and it is a pretty simple expression. I’ve heard these words so much this winter, sometimes I feel as if the phrase is automatically programed in my mind. But the more I hear it, the more I realize its relevance to my life as a student. College is a time when you feel the constant pressure of the future and it is easy to fall victim to the overload and stresses of class. I often find myself grinding through the workload of the week only to seek solace in the weekend. I think it is important to not neglect where you are at this very moment. Currently you may be cramming for a test at 3 in the morning and questioning your life decisions, but don’t let that moment define the rest of your day. I know seeking the best in any situation can prove to be difficult, and I’m not trying to tell you to be that overly happy person in the room everyone despises. What I am saying, though, is that The College of Idaho has roughly four years of your time and it’s up to you to maximize what you get out of each day here. You might as well try to make each one the best you possibly can.


Elyse Burandt is a sophomore studying health sciences from Spokane, Washington.