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Spring Break at Home

Spring break is almost mythical in its reputation. I mostly blame Selena Gomez and RiFF RAFF from the movie, Spring Breakers for this. There’s always this unspoken pressure to make this weeklong escape unforgettable and to return to class as an improved, much tanner you.  About a month prior to spring break, I had made the decision to return home for the week. My thought process for this decision was as follows: “Sure, Spokane wasn’t the warm sandy beaches in Cabo, but hey, at least I’ll see my family, eat free food and catch up with old friends.” On my departure back to Washington, I mapped out an itinerary in my head of how this productive and refreshing break would play out. I’d study for my anatomy and physiology test and, who knows, maybe even read a novel and enrich my intellectual depth. In a week's time, I would return back to College of Idaho to explain to my friends that I had spent a lot of time outdoors, you know, hiking and immersing myself in nature as well as rekindling relationships with high school friends.

Intuitive reader, at this point I am sure you are well aware that none of that would actually happen. As it turns out, it rained all week while I was home and I left my house on enough occasions to count on one hand. Almost all of my high school friends were out of town or already had spring break. I slept more than I thought was physically possible. I rediscovered the unsettling and confusing world of daytime television. Hourly, I endured the trials and tribulations of what to eat from the kitchen pantry. The driving forces behind my rare departures outside stemmed from activities including but limited to mandatory dog walks, pre-scheduled doctor appointments, and a summer job interview. It all sounds quite sad, but in reality I think it was exactly what I needed; a break. Sure, I probably could have been a little more productive but it was unexpectedly satisfying to not be tied down to anything for seven days. Whether you overstayed your welcome in your parent’s basement like me or embarked on a life-changing road trip with your friends, I hope you all took advantage of the week off and relaxed!

Take it easy,


Elyse Burandt is sophomore studying Health Sciences from Spokane, Washington.