Student Experience Blog: Introduction

Hello From Oregon

This is my very first blog post ever, so I might as well say something about myself. I live about 7 hours from campus, in a small town between Mt. Hood and Portland, Oregon. This summer, I have a job working for a local farm, selling berries and other fruit at Portland area Farmer’s Markets. This job is really great because I get to eat fruit and talk to people all day. I also get to see, firsthand, that Fred Armisen’s Portlandia is almost entirely accurate. At least of the people who shop at Farmer’s Markets. 

Allow Me to Introduce You to My Good Friend, Me

Hey there!  I am new to the Student Experience blog, so here is a list of Mariah-isms and fun facts (in no particular order) to get us acquainted:

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Got Introductions?

You know how Lao-tzu said "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"? Well, the journey of a student experience blogger here at The College of Idaho is kind of like that, since our journeys start with a single introductory post. Sure, such a post might not be anywhere close to as deep or complex as ancient Chinese philosophy, but come on, a guy can dream, can't he?