Advising at The College of Idaho

In keeping with the mission of the College, advising at the College of Idaho promotes student growth and development through frequent and meaningful interaction with advisors.  All incoming first-year students are assigned a First Year (FY) Advisor.  FY Advisors are College of Idaho faculty and staff members who have received training in assisting students to navigate the unique challenges of the first year of college.  Before registering for courses for the sophomore year, students transition to a PEAK/Major Advisor, usually a faculty member from the department of their probable major.

PEAK/Major Advisors work with students in planning their entire academic program (a major and all minors).  Students are encouraged to discuss minors with Minor Supervisors, but are not assigned Minor Advisors.  Students with a double major will be assigned a PEAK/Major advisor in each major. 

First Year Advising

First Year Advisors at The College of Idaho commit to promoting the academic success of first-year students and facilitating their integration into the intellectual life of the College by:

  • Helping students to comprehend the meaning of the liberal arts and to recognize how PEAK and our liberal arts curriculum furthers that tradition

  • Providing students with an opportunity to explore their interests and transitioning students to PEAK Advisors

  • Helping students to effectively navigate the College’s registration process

  • Providing students with information about campus resources and support services for academic, personal and financial issues.

First Year Student Responsibilities

What your First Year Advisor will expect of you:

  • Schedule and arrive to your advising appointments on time.

  • Come to your advising appointments prepared to openly and honestly discuss your academic plans, academic policies and procedures, and any issues that may impact your academic success.

  • Be an active participant in the academic advising experience and your own educational experience at The College of Idaho.

  • Familiarize yourself with the College Catalog and the course schedule on WebAdvisor.  Come to advising appointments prepared to build a class schedule, when appropriate.

  • Ask for clarification if your advisor fails to explain an issue or concern in a way that makes sense to you or uses language or terms with which you are not familiar.

  • Provide your First Year Advisor with a current email address and phone number.

  • Check your email regularly.  Once per day is the minimum.

  • Accept responsibility for your academic and personal growth and success.

First Year Advisor Responsibilities

What you should expect of your First Year Advisor:

  • Answer specific questions about PEAK, academic policies and procedures.

  • Assist you in exploring areas of study and corresponding career options to guide your understanding of how a course may relate to an interest or academic major.

  • Respect your opinions and concerns and give honest feedback to assist you in making decisions and solving academic related issues.

  • Direct you to and assist you in learning to use the resources you will need to complete academic processes (i.e. course selection, registration, add/drop, withdrawal, change of major, etc.).

  • Respond promptly to your questions and concerns by phone, email, or individual appointments.

  • Maintain confidentiality – we will not discuss your academic or personal issues with parents or non-college personnel without your written consent.

  • Help to connect you with other campus resources and support services for academic, personal, and financial issues that may arise during your first year of college.

PEAK/Major Advising

PEAK/Major Advisors at The College of Idaho commit to promote student growth and development by:

  • Assisting students in assessing their interests and abilities, examining and clarifying their educational, career and life goals, making decisions and developing plans to meet their objectives

  • Providing clarification of College policies and curricular requirements.

  • Advising students on the selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences

  • Monitoring student academic progress and its impact on the achievement of goals.

  • Reinforcing student self-direction and self-sufficiency

  • Referring students, as necessary, to campus resources and support services for academic, personal and financial issues.

Advising Resources

See My College of Idaho (login required) for access to advising resources including the First Year Advising Guide, placement guidelines for Mathematics and Modern Foreign Languages, and a list of PEAK Program Supervisors.  Tentative Four-Year Schedules for each department are also found on My College of Idaho.