Cruzen-Murray Library FAQ

Cruzen-Murray Library

The College of Idaho formally broke ground on the new Cruzen-Murray Library on February 18, 2016.  This page will answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the project.  We will add additional information as the library takes shape!

When will the Cruzen-Murray Library be complete?

Construction will be complete by the end of 2017 and will open its doors Spring 2018.

what is happening with the project right now?

A new image from the "Cruzen-Murray Cam" is uploaded here every five minutes (you will need to refresh your browser to see the image change) so you can keep close tabs on the project if you like. Additional images and occassional updates are posted for students on the library's Facebook page. Weekly time-lapse videos can be seen here.

For whom is the Cruzen-Murray Library Named?

The building is a generous estate gift from the late Deborah Cruzen Murray and her husband, Glenn Richard Murray, Jr., long-time friends and supporters of The College of Idaho. A feature in the Spring 2016 issue of the College's Quest  magazine provided more details about Deborah Cruzen Murray and her close ties to The College of Idaho.

Who are the architects?

The building was designed by Phoenix-based richard+bauer, a nationally-recognized architectural firm known for its work with libraries, higher eduction, and sustainable design. The library is being built by Boise’s Kreizenbeck Constructors, who have an impressive portfolio of higher education projects.

Where will the building be located on The College of idaho campus?

The Cruzen-Murray Library will be located near 21st Street and Cleveland Boulevard, adjacent to Sterry Hall, Hayman Hall and Voorhees Hall.

Will the Cruzen-Murray Library be open to the community?

The library building will include spaces in which public readings, lectures, and other events will be held. Policies regarding guest library privileges will remain as they are now. See Alumni & Guest Services.

What will happen to the Terteling Library?

A committee of College of Idaho administrators, faculty, staff, students, and trustees will work to determine the best future use of N.L. Terteling Library. The current C of I library has served the campus community admirably for 50 years, and it will continue to be an important building going forward.